Baby Alert Band

Physical Reminder     

 Easy to Use        Affordable 2pack

Life Saving


The idea for the Baby Alert Band came shortly after the birth of our first grandchild. Our daughter and son-in-law mentioned how impacted they were by reading a news story about parents who accidentally left their child in the car. Then I started noticing these events more as well - including an incident in my neighborhood. Thankfully, my neighborhood incident was "caught" before the child died...but it was still unnerving.
I began to realize that the underlying issue in these cases isn't about people being negligent or bad care givers - it's about our brains temporarily betraying us. For some, it's task saturation, for others it's our brain constructing a "false memory"...the bottom line is it really can happen to anyone, when we least expect it. In fact, when we're temporarily unaware is precisely when it happens!

One of our kids put it this way:
"I consider myself a good parent, and It's a shot to my pride to admit that my brain could misfire and I could end up leaving my child in the car. Granted, this might never actually happen to me. But I also have to be honest and humble about the fact that it could. I use repeatable cues to help me remember things all the time - why shouldn't I use those same cues to help ensure my child's safety?"

The Baby Alert Band provides a repeatable process and a built-in check. It isn't a high-tech solution - it's a one-time cost and a slight change to your daily rhythm. Using this tool gives you and yours  another level of assurance that you won't be the next ones to which the unthinkable happens.  Consider the Baby Alert Band  a simple backstop that could save a life.

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